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United Colors Of Benatton

United Colors Of Benatton

A Frenchman, a Dominican, and a black dude walk into a recording studio this isnt the opening line of a lame joke, its a day in the life for the men of Benatton. Rich Parlay Copier, Luis Jay Suarez and Anthony Tone Woolford Jr. each rep a different hometown (or country) but bring it together to start the strangest party you’ll never forget.
Based out of North Jersey, the diversity between these pretty boys look like a Benetton ad but sound like Wu-Tang trying to karaoke their way out of a European rave. In more technical terms, they have a hip-hop based sound with pop, techno, and rock influences. Their music is a grab bag of musical stylings made to attract a variety of people because Benatton finds beauty in differences.
Benatton aims high to push the boundaries musically in order to bring about a level of creativity that is as diverse as the individuals themselves. The lyrical vernacular of humor, wit, hardships, love and unity are cleverly captured and bellowed out over their unique sound with universal appeal.
Sit back and listen, IDK, just nod your head.

I’m always on the hunt for something different and visually stimulating, and a recent conversation with Artisfact Films of New Jersey led to another amazing find. While I’m old enough to remember Benetton, yes I owed plenty of it back in my 80′s Valley Girl days, I’m still young enough to appreciate great music. These boys have something fresh and you just don’t see that every day. The beats are stupid, the lyrics kick ass and the video is nothing short of amazing. The odd “Tiny Tim” sample at the beginning lets you know these boys are “on some other sh*&” and in this case some real “good sh*&”, when the first verse kicks in you’ll know wtf I’m talkin’ about. Take a listen, check out the video, experience something new!

Holla at Benatton online at http://benattonmusic.com and follow on Twitter @benattonmusic. Shout Out To Artisfact Films!

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